Before you watch my Picarto stream.

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    We all know by now that it's 18+, and you have to be mature enough to visit it.

    But there are more things than just what I stream which is going to potentially make you feel uncomfortable. Which is the blurry line that separates the internet and common sense. I regulate the people I socialize with, so I don't waste my time with people who use the web to escape basic etiquette. I do not pander to immature/innocent people, or those who cannot think from more than one perspective.

    I will appear hypocritical, cringy and self-contradicting. And that's something I cannot change, or bother to. I use this stream to try and communicate without having people resort to subjectivity.

    If you decide to enter the stream with this context, but still feel like you're entitled to special treatment, it is best that you avoid interacting through the chat.

    Link to the Stream:
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