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    Please mention anything you have already done for the Zerahypt forums and anything you plan and will do as a forum moderator.:
    > The most frequent thing I've done is suggest extentions on the Forums such as the Writing area in the art section, the off-topic section, as well as this section. If I become Moderator I will use my powers to jurisdiction the behavior and actions of my fellow user to continue the healthy and prospering community we have today. I will continue the things I've been doing so far to help with this goal.

    How much time are you willing to commit to moderating the forums?:
    > I can commit semi-days to fourms as a moderator provided that support for the mobile version continues. My most active periods will be in the afternoon at around 5 pm EST, this is effective on all days. If I do happen to be absent and I know when, I will notify Magiichan and other users of the situation and how long I will be absent.

    Explain in detail what you think the forum rules are and who they apply to?
    > The forum rules and terms are a rule set that is used to clearly define what is allowed and prohibited in the forum. It is applicable to all members of the forum.

    Do you have any experience in moderating any forums? If yes, where?
    > I have no previous experience as an official moderator in other forums.

    Contact Info (Skype preferably):
    > Skype: zantman or zantman1000
    Email: zantman1000@gmail.com

    Hypothetical Questions

    1. A member is complaining about something on the Shoutbox. What would you do?
    > Listen to what the user has to say and direct them to the proper methods of complaining i.e. Suggestions thread or Bug Reports thread. If the user is causing harm to others with their banter then I would issue a warning, if they continue kicking them might cool their jets.

    2. A member is trolling on the forums. Doesn't stop after several warnings. What would you do?
    > Instant ban without warning for 1 day if their trolling continues longer bans will be issued.

    3. You have recently banned someone for breaking too many rules. A super moderator unbans them for an unknown reason to you. What would you do?
    > Consult said super moderator for the reasons of the unban.

    4. A member has been banned recently by yourself or another forum moderator, but keeps on making accounts to spam the Shoutbox with even after you ban 3 or 4 accounts. What do you do?
    > Notify one of the forum coders of the disturbance to ban the user's IP.

    5. Two users on the shoutbox are arguing over something and both try to get you on their side. What do you do and how do you settle the fight so it won't spark back up in the future?
    > Harsh words about how their verbal shit is not wanted or needed on the forums and that if they continue their pointless bickering then punishments will be issued to both sides regardless of "Who started it".
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    //Added to the consideration list
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    Yes! We need more avanguard mods to keep all these spambots in check.
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    turns out the consideration list is like a limbo. noone ever leaves it ;DD
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