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    These are rules applied to those who have chosen to sign up on this forum.

    ¤ Do not use this forum as your playground, use a normal font, font colour and keep your signature from exceeding 150 pixels in height.

    ¤ Do not turn threads into echo chambers, do your research and keep a civil tone to the people you conversate with.

    ¤ The "Off Topic" section is not there for you to start unsubstantial topics like chatting, or trying to get attention. If you want to get attention, have plausible reason behind it.

    ¤ You can self promote, but do it in "Introductions", and don't start multiple threads about it.

    ¤ Keep your threads organized and to a minimum. For example, if you made a thread that's called: "I made a car for Zerahypt", but there already is a thread called: "Vehicle suggestions" or "3D fan art", remove your thread and post it in there instead.

    ¤ The "Art" section is not your personal art deposit, it's mainly there for art that's related to Zerahypt, like fan art and fan fiction.

    ¤ If you want to post your art or post other things related to you, do it in the "Off Topic" section.

    (this rule board may recieve updates in the future)

    Ignoring any of these rules will earn you a warning from our moderators. If you still have not learned after multiple warnings, you will be banned.
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Thread Status:
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