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Henlo, the occurence of a spatial...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JOELwindows7, Sep 14, 2018 at 8:00 AM.

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    Places where livings stays, do something, and such.

    It's me JOELwindows7.
    I just stopped by. Thx to Danger Dolan for introducing me to this merchandise. It's intresting. It was serveral years ago. Maybe was told since 2014.
    Now this year (2018), it's definite! After all ignorance and lack of computing specification, I finally have been possesed my own just enough compute to experience it.
    It was not much. I'll wait more. One day, he will make a wormhole to another galaxy. We'll see.
    Going to look at!
    The concept of this is pretty intriguing. I found out, it is similar to what Rockstar (from Earth, Milkyway if you'd like to ask) had been making. But not the same mechanic obviously.
    You will know me as JOELwindows7. If you see "Joel Robert Justiawan", that's me, my real name.
    I like technologies.
    I make things.
    It must be open source (transparent, reveal how it was done), gratis (no profit expecting), and full version!!! (All there is to it, no partialism)
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