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(How to)(Spoiler) Find the Thanos Car where it was put!

Discussion in 'Zerahypt Media (Screenshots/Video Captures)' started by JOELwindows7, Oct 12, 2018.


DId you find yourself a Thanos car before this and previous video?

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  1. Yes, I did it!

  2. No, I did not!

  1. JOELwindows7

    JOELwindows7 Member

    Sep 14, 2018
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    WARNING SPOILER!!! Please Attempt yourself first before seeing this video.
    If you have already attempted (but still not found at all), already found it, or unable to even have enough computing specification, you are free to look.

    Best viewed on actual YouTube

    Spoiler Alert!!!
    Let's take a look back at our Purpurized Euclide. See how could we find it, longer this time.
    Rerecorded! for purpose of this how to find Thanos Car.

    Once again, thx to Syrsa for realizing this Meme. without you, this won't be a game.

    Check the video!
    You can see that the Thanos car was put in a hut that was placed far right off the Jaeden quarter. even above the secret sand car.

    Agrians. a metal scratch means threat. is this a bug?!

    Thanos (c) Disney, Marvel

    Location: Jaeden, Terrahypt