I flipped a coin over whether to apply so here I am

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    General Questions
    > Just call me Fonk or Ivan

    > 16

    Please mention anything you have already done for the Zerahypt forums and anything you plan and will do as a forum moderator.:
    > Nothing really for the forums. I guess I'd just be hanging around in case anyone decided to go haywire

    How much time are you willing to commit to moderating the forums?:
    > Well I already come here more often than I'd like to admit so however much time is necessary

    Explain in detail what you think the forum rules are and who they apply to?
    > Well if they're posted anywhere I haven't found them, but from what I can tell:
    Dont be a jerkwad
    - A basic rule of life

    respect your authorities
    - Another basic rule of life

    post things in the right place
    - If you just post your crap anywhere, things are gonna be a huge mess. Therefore, it would be expected for people do decide on a proper category to post their stuff so they dont like go to the music section and find game suggestions on setting Dark Keigan on fire

    They apply to everyone. Even Syrsa. Except maybe the authority part. From what I can tell he is king.

    Do you have any experience in moderating any forums? If yes, where?
    > None at all

    Contact Info (Skype preferably):
    > Skype should be IvanCzechov

    Hypothetical Questions

    1. A member is complaining about something on the Shoutbox. What would you do?
    > Try to sort out the problem and if I can't, direct them to you, Syrsa, Lockray, Azai, or a normal member who knows more about the subject

    2. A member is trolling on the forums. Doesn't stop after several warnings. What would you do?
    > After several warnings? Give them a short ban and extend any further bans as needed

    3. You have recently banned someone for breaking too many rules. A super moderator unbans them for an unknown reason to you. What would you do?
    > Talk to the super mod, explain why I banned them, ask why they unbanned them, ect.

    4. A member has been banned recently by yourself or another forum moderator, but keeps on making accounts to spam the Shoutbox with even after you ban 3 or 4 accounts. What do you do?
    > You can ban IPs can't you?

    5. Two users on the shoutbox are arguing over something and both try to get you on there side. What do you do and how do you settle the fight so it won't spark back up in the future?
    > Remain neutral, first off. Then I'd try and calm them down and tell them if they want to argue, do it privately where it won't flood the shoutbox

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    //Added as Trial-Moderator
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    They grow up so fast :')
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    They take on responsibilities so fast :')
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