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(Long video) Collecting Abia's Speakers with zerzek

Discussion in 'Zerahypt Media (Screenshots/Video Captures)' started by JOELwindows7, Sep 15, 2018.

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    Sep 14, 2018
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    Best viewed on actual YouTube

    I have attempted to collect some Abia's loudspeakers with my zerzek!

    - Izmir the Zerzek. that floating giant Space ship Pirizuka lives on
    - Pirizuka. You play as her
    - about 8 Abia's loud speakers floating around the HQ
    - Oyhurat Island. Abia's HQ location
    - Just enough Computer system. Medium end is minimum!

    - Close the Garage door! go to lower floor and hit the button on the right wall of zerzek.
    - Then go up and in the upper floor, go the edge floor and hit the lift button to put the lift down. this allows the speaker fall to the lower floor.
    - Clear all the guards
    - Beware Rogue Agrians. don't mess with them!

    Acquiring Speaker:
    - Get close the speaker. face the garage upper mouth to the speaker
    - Fly the zerzek under the speaker
    - move forward carefully to maw in the speaker
    - when the speaker reached the lip, immediately rise up (Space to Altitude up) to swallow the speaker
    - keep moving just enough the speaker stays inside the garage, locked inside away from the throat.
    - You got Abia's Speaker!
    - Repeat for another.

    Freeing Speaker:
    - Go very far away from the castle.
    - keep the garage door closed first. don't let any speaker pinched by the door
    - Rotate your zerzek so the front faces the castle.
    - go down and open the garage door.
    - go up to drive zerzek again.
    - rotate zerzek again so the opening back faces the castle (front now face opposite to the castle)
    - If you have a car in the down garage, speaker may jam. rotate a little left right until it's off.
    - be free!
    - say sorry to those Abians
    - Say goodbye.
    - (Optional) tell those Abians that other viewer gamers may do the same.

    lol hahahahaha!

    - This is a video game
    - Don't do this in real life!
    - Do not try this at home! Professional and fictional only!
    - Minor obviousities!

    Fun fact:
    - Syrsa put the music sound source not on the object. but exactly close to the speaker. That is why we do not hear the speaker itself sound. Yes, Actually, The Air sounds, not the speaker!
    - The most behind speaker is not easy to collect. you must nudge it until the space is enough to catch it.
    - When you move level, the speaker disappears. You don't collect objects other than that has been parked on parking garage, smaller ship inventory, and the garage car's inventory.

    Tools used:
    - Microsoft Game DVR. record this. Press Win+G to get the menu and click record. Make sure to go to Setting and enable sound record, and highes possible video quality.
    - Windows 10. exe file
    - Zerahypt. the game
    - ASUS ROG GL503GE. This computer used. Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti + Intel UHD 630 (Cheapskate setup). 8GB RAM.

    Zerahypt (c) Syrsa (100%)(Proprietary Gratis a.k.a. Freeware) (zerahypt.net)
    Windows (c) Microsoft (100% $$) (Proprietary Expensive) (.exe and game DVR)
    Unity (c) Unity (100% $$$+)(Proprietary Expensive Subscription)(But Syrsa is using free version)

    by JOELwindows7
    Perkedel Technologies