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    General Questions
    >Marcus(IRL Name btw)

    >Recently turned 14(im not one of those raging teenagers)

    Please mention anything you have already done for the Zerahypt forums and anything you plan and will do as a forum moderator.:
    >My plans are to try and resolve conflicts and help where im asked.

    How much time are you willing to commit to moderating the forums?:
    >I'm willing to check in a few times every week to see if anything has happened.

    Explain in detail what you think the forum rules are and who they apply to?
    >The rules are simple:No being mean to anyone,Respect the staff(Mods,Admins etc.)The rules apply to EVERYONE(Exept SYRSA)

    Do you have any experience in moderating any forums? If yes, where?
    >No,but i'm willing to give it a shot.

    Contact Info (Skype preferably):
    >My email:

    Hypothetical Questions

    1. A member is complaining about something on the Shoutbox. What would you do?
    >Attempt to help them with any inquiries they have.

    2. A member is trolling on the forums. Doesn't stop after several warnings. What would you do?
    >Give them one more chance then give em the boot and ban em for a few hours.

    3. You have recently banned someone for breaking too many rules. A super moderator unbans them for an unknown reason to you. What would you do?
    >Attempt to contact the Super Moderator and ask why they unbanned them.

    4. A member has been banned recently by yourself or another forum moderator, but keeps on making accounts to spam the Shoutbox with even after you ban 3 or 4 accounts. What do you do?
    >Persist in banning the accounts.They'll get tired eventually.

    5. Two users on the shoutbox are arguing over something and both try to get you on there side. What do you do and how do you settle the fight so it won't spark back up in the future?
    >Attempt to get us all to an agreeable ending.
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    >tfw nearly everyone bullshits the rules part
    >tfw the rules are actually listed on the site but theyre buried under a half dozen links