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Discussion in 'Zerahypt Fan Art' started by B1G-CR1ME, Oct 8, 2016.

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    Sep 20, 2015
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    Behold, my magnum opus with out-of-the-ass shading that took a little bit longer than a month to complete. I had to redesign the stupid robot alone two times.

    Big ass thilians, acute slisks, psedian sharpshooters, Shiva butler bots and stray egnians probably make the best some peculiar nomadic groups in the deserts.

    The two vars of the BG and the fonts used can be downloaded here.

    A shifty "where's Wally" game with riddles an overly excited me had shoved into this picture.

    A compliment x2
    A reproduction organ system joke x1
    "Cricket!" x1
    A LOTR reference x0 (a "box in a box" type of thing here... basically invalid, I relied on memory when I was hiding that one and now I have NO IDEA what it might be. Then again, no LOTR references are present in the picture, that is for sure. I can only recall it going deeper... if someone finds something in here, let me know. [UPDATE] I think I got it. There was supposed to be an "OISENGARD!" hidden somewhere, but I can't find it anymore.)
    A McCree reference x1
    A very important gland complex joke/reference x3 (one of which is in Terrahyptean language and with an "I <3" added to it)
    Name of a Kraftwerk song x1 (literally out in the open)
    An odd composition of shapes that is known community-wide x2 (similar to the next one)
    A rather old logotype familiar to those who went through a certain heap of music x2 (they're close to each other)
    A message to the community x1
    An australian greeting x1
    A looping curved shape x0hgodilostcount (don't even bother counting those)
    A GLHF request x1
    An X-Files theme-inducing symbol x1 (please tell me that you do know of the golden age of montage parodies)
    A :special1: x1 (picarto innuendos all over the place with this one)
    An airwave receiving and decoding organ shape joke x1 (has three words which have quite some space between them)
    "Yes!" x1
    Name of a Syrsa song x1
    A 20th of April joke x1 (you must know how a Psedian works to get that one.)
    The second distinguishable part of the gopnik battle cry x0 (It was supposed to be "Ahh nuu" (as in being the FIRST part of the "Ahh nuu, cheeki breeki eev damke!"), but I can't find it on the pic anymore. GG. Notify me if you find it.)
    A "think hard about what might be in the picture" request x0 (it literally is not in the picture... it is also a hint for the previous one. Still, that'd be pretty hard to figure out, I figure.)
    "This is getting seriously fun." xFuckoffB1G (I mean, it must be hard looking for all this stuff. Innit?)
    A Merasmus quote x0 (again, it is not in the picture)
    A vision of an angry root-crop stream admin x1 (and a big one at that)
    "...'s Marvelous Venture" x1
    "Good grief." x1
    "The Hand" x1
    I gotta stop referencing JoJo's Bizzare Adventure x0
    "We are the nomads" x1 (isn't exactly hidden)

    Sigh. And it all started with a simple "Syrsa is cool"!
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    I like the Azai reference in there
  3. BeardyBroski

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    Nov 27, 2015
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    The hands are so smol and cute
  4. B1G-CR1ME

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    Sep 20, 2015
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    especially the robot's