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    General Questions
    Santiago, my last name is rare so I don't use it on internet, too easy to stalk

    19 at the time of creating this post

    Please mention anything you have already done for the Zerahypt forums and anything you plan and will do as a forum moderator.:
    Answering the questions new users do in the shoutbox, reported some of Zerahypt's bugs and I always keep an eye on all threads when updated
    As a moderator I'll oversee the shoutbox, answer questions, solve issues and prevent conflicts. Most likely ensure that posts are created in their respective threads, too

    How much time are you willing to commit to moderating the forums?:
    First thing I do is check this forum, It's a reflex by now to open this webpage and check new messages, if I move from my pc then I most likely check it on my phone whenever I can
    My timezone is GMT -3, I wake up late and sleep even later, though my schedule is quite dynamic, due to that I can keep an eye on the forums even when there is nobody around

    Explain in detail what you think the forum rules are and who they apply to?
    Respect other members, keep a good behavior, not doing anything illegal, and it seems that adult content is forbidden here, though with the proper spoilers one would be able to post as long as it's relevant to Zerahypt
    The rules apply to everyone

    Do you have any experience in moderating any forums? If yes, where?
    Not really a forum, But I was in a Line chat of 160 people (most of them active, due to a limit we had to kick inactive users) created to allow people from a multiplayer alliance based game to communicate without bounds (enemies, allies, pretty much everyone was allowed, as long as they were leaders or remarkable players), so there was fighting 24/7 between different alliances, I always had to be there to prevent global wars

    Contact Info (Skype preferably):
    just add next to my username and you'll have my mail (I'm kinda paranoic after the spambot war)
    I have Skype... why skype, though? We can use something better, anything really

    Hypothetical Questions

    1. A member is complaining about something on the Shoutbox. What would you do?
    If he is complaining about a game bug, I would either help him solve it or tell him to report it in a thread
    If he is just whining I'll warn him to stop

    2. A member is trolling on the forums. Doesn't stop after several warnings. What would you do?
    Strip him off privileges, like using the shoutbox or doing too many comments in a short period of time

    3. You have recently banned someone for breaking too many rules. A super moderator unbans them for an unknown reason to you. What would you do?
    The super moderator makes the final decision, so I would just inform him of the reason of why the member was banned for him to reconsider it

    4. A member has been banned recently by yourself or another forum moderator, but keeps on making accounts to spam the Shoutbox with even after you ban 3 or 4 accounts. What do you do?
    Report the situation to the Administrator for him to consider an IP ban on that member

    5. Two users on the shoutbox are arguing over something and both try to get you on there side. What do you do and how do you settle the fight so it won't spark back up in the future?
    Most likely they are arguing about the pronunciation of .gif, I would tell them that they are both right and that they should go and discuss it somewhere else and/or try to inform themselves better to prevent discussing it further

    I updated some information to make it more future-wise and updated the "forum rules" answer as there was an update regarding that to the forum, fixed some grammar (I'm lying, my grammar was perfect already), and added some more info
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    You have my support. All my push ups are yours.
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