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Game Suggestion Zerahypt achievements thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Terminator_722, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Terminator_722

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    Oct 11, 2016
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    me and some other guys on the discord were making some achievements for zerahypt. here's what we've come up with so far. feel free to suggest your own.

    "well, that wasn't too hard!"
    - piss off the agrians by destroying a helirotor or agent.

    "OH SHI-"
    - well, you got what you asked for with that last one.

    "the black knight"
    - destroy a mevnav knight

    "deus vult!"
    - encounter the mevnav deus cruiser

    "god is dead"
    - destroy the mevnav deus cruiser

    - prevent the deus's crew from escaping

    "need for speed"
    - reach a speed of 500km/h in any vehicle

    “Waste of damn Petrol”
    -Reach a total of 1000km driven in any vehicle

    -Hitch a ride with an NPC

    “You’re not supposed to do that!”
    -Hack a vehicle into the game

    "cheeki breeki"
    - find zerzbas 45

    - destroy a civilian vehicle

    “Just Snyffin’ around”
    -Be idle and do nothing for an entire 10 minutes

    "the lord of snyfs"
    - have more than 50 snyfs near you at once

    “Who’s Hungry?”
    -Spend 10 minutes inside of MON

    "How did you..."
    -Take a vehicle from the anod military base without identifying yourself

    "well rounded"
    - find and drive every vehicle.

    "public enemy number one"
    - anger every single faction in the game, all at the same time

    "Return to sender"
    - Get into the Agrian axpress as it leaves

    "Fastest snyf in the west"
    - Destroy a vehicle with a cannon-type weapon while going over 300 km/h

    “You Tried 1”
    - Attempt to outrun an Executor

    "You... did it?"
    - Actually outrun it, somehow.

    “You Tried 2”
    - Fired a weapon in Agratyrda

    "nice driving"
    - crash the cursor and die.

    “That one doesn’t count!”
    - Outrun the Executor’s doomstar

    "Patience, good driving, good aim"
    - Kill something with the cursor

    "Syrsa would be proud" (suggested by syrsa)
    -Take off and land in a winged aircraft without touching any surface with the wings.

    “Restoring Honour”
    -Deliberately Crash into a vehicle whilst going over 300km/h, truly an act of Kamikaze.

    - get kicked out of a vehicle you hitched a ride in

    - scan every scannable item in the game

    "Proving the design"
    - get killed by a Smertnik without spotting it.

    “Remove Kebab”
    -Destroy at least 50 Al-Atiba Vehicles in one session

    "taste of your own medicine"
    - kill an NPC from any faction, using a vehicle created by that faction

    "*maniacal laughter*"
    - find the chaustol BC1

    - kill 30 NPCs with it

    "Syrsa would be proud II" (also suggested by syrsa)
    - not once running into the map borders for 48 hours.

    “You have no fucking life, you greasy Neckbeard”
    - Have Zerahypt running for 48 hours straight

    - destroy any NPC from 1000m or more.

    "2 birds with one stone"
    - kill 2 or more enemies with a single shot

    "Thanos car, thanos car."
    - Find the evuclov 44 thanos model

    "King of the... Nothing actually"
    -stand at the very front of the slav batlleship for a bit

    "Are you retarded?"
    - engage the MevNav Deus with nothing but a fidget spinner

    "A natural killer"
    -Destroy 8 weapon-wielding enemies with one Trink

    -pick a fight with a Super Executor

    "well, you saw that one coming"
    - and then get killed by it

    "not so tough now, huh?"
    -Kill the Deus with the BC1.

    "drill seargent"
    - kill 30 NPCs with the bulwark

    "you were expecting a reward?"
    -bring a bottle of Blykacin over to Zerzbas 45

    "Aaaand it's gone"
    -accidentally exit a vehicle while it's still accelerating

    "Travel relay"
    -use both acratyrda (or however its spelled) entrances in one setting to traverse the maedracan.

    "knowledge is power"
    -catch the attention of an aberrant and staying still until it goes away without it attacking

    "Hit'n run"
    -Knock off an agrian enforcers's side things, and leave without it getting pissed.

    "A SJW's nightmare"
    -make an Al-Atiba attack you by just saying one sentence

    "second amendment"
    - fire every handheld gun in the game

    "into the abyss"
    drive off the agrian highway, and then probably circlejerk on the discord or forums about how it needs side rails

    -kill 10 enemies with an A-Rot Iter 1

    "stunt driver"
    -Do 3 Gyro Flips in a row without hitting the ground

    - Do a sideways wheelie for at least 10 seconds using a gyro vehicle

    "how the fuck did you manage to be this much of a disappointment?"
    - die to a mevnav squire in the bc1 without taking more than 10% damage from any other source

    "how the fuck did you do it?!"
    - complete all achievements

    -destroy a terrahyptian cargo vehicle.

    - get killed by an ootkin

    -kill a civilian in terrahyptian territory and then get shot by any Terrahyptian affiliated npc.

    “Do a barrel roll!”
    -Do 100 barrel rolls in a flying vehicle in one session
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  2. CrispyBaconTheBaconLord

    CrispyBaconTheBaconLord New Member

    Oct 3, 2018
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    “Stop in the name of NOT Sey!”
    -Take down 25 TLF Vallants in one session
  3. Artanis00500

    Artanis00500 Well-Known Member

    Apr 29, 2017
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    "I shall not be de-throned that easily."
    Somehow lose to the Deus in the BC1
  4. Dexter51hero

    Dexter51hero Member

    Jan 13, 2018
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    That is a good idea.
  5. JOELwindows7

    JOELwindows7 Member

    Sep 14, 2018
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    Inslavic goal!!?
    Kicked a vodka bottle

    Genocide run
    Scronch (a safehand for "kill") 10 NPCs

    Syrs Club
    Joined Discord server of Syrsa Official

    Breed your rabbit and barbeque it!

    Discovered Thanos car Euclide!

    have your Thanos car destroyed :'C

    Peuko Just fine!!!
    shot Peukoped 50 times

    Autist Negrove
    spin fidget spinner for 60 minutes
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  6. bgcrme

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    Nov 22, 2018
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    fanboy so hard you create achievement suggestions for a homemade unity project.
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  7. FonkDerok

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    Jul 18, 2015
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    its worth noting it was in zerahypt discussion but i moved it to suggestions, realizing only in hindsight it might not have been a legitimate suggestion and more just challenging other forum users
  8. Terminator_722

    Terminator_722 Veteran Member

    Oct 11, 2016
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